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Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was confirmed dead by hanging Thursday July 20, by a spokesperson of the Los Angeles County Coroner.

Thursday would have been the 53rd birthday of Chris Cornell, a close friend to Chester

Since then fans and friends from all over the world have been paying tribute to his memory with moving covers of the bands biggest hits.

Our Last Night – ‘Heavy’

Our Last Night shared their cover of ‘Heavy’ earlier in the year but following Chester’s death they dedicated it to his memory.

Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Numb’

Machine Gun Kelly shared this video on YouTube with the caption stating “Forever a fan, rest peacefully Chester”

Motionless In White – ‘One Step Closer’

Following Bennington’s death, Motionless In White covered ‘One Step Closer’ at a show in Corpus Christi, Texas. Frontman Chris Motionless stated the following prior to the cover being performed:

“I don’t think to our fans it’s been any secret that Linkin Park have been a very strong influence on our material over the last couple of years. Linkin Park has meant a lot to a lot of us in this band. It’s one of the first bands in the genre that got me into a lot of the band’s that came after. I owe a lot to the Hybrid Theory album as a person and I know it means a lot to the guys in this band. And not just Hybrid Theory, but a lot of albums that followed – a lot of masterpieces from Linkin Park.”

Coldplay – ‘Crawling’

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin performed a chilling piano tribute to Chester on August 1 at a show in New Jersey. Mike Shinoda was in the crowd.

Chester is survived by his six children. Our thoughts go out to his fans, friends and family during this time.