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Mikey way has opened up in a new interview with Billboard about his struggles towards the end of My Chemical Romances days. Mikey also talks about Electric Century and how the project came to be just as My Chem was winding down.

“The band ended, and I was going through a divorce at the same time. I do the most stressful things in clumps. The way I knew how to deal with that, through life, was to self-medicate so that’s what I did. The tail end of My Chem was so dark for me—I was in a fog. I was trying to stay up and I was failing. I had always self-soothed through narcotics from an early age.”

Way sat down with Billboard to premiere a new song by Electric Century, a band he started with Sleep Station and New London Fire’s David Debiak when MCR were “taking a break.”

“If anything, I thought we were taking a break. I thought, ‘Now is the time because we’re taking a break.’ Eventually we all decided it should be more than a break. We initially thought it was going to be a break, then we all did some soul-searching and decided, ‘No, this is definitely the end.'”

Mikey talks more about that soul-searching by discussing his stint in rehab.

“When you get out of rehab, especially as much damage as I had done to myself, you’re basically starting over. You’re standing outside of this house that you built, you’re lighting it on fire and you have to start over again. You have to learn how to get back what you had without being high. For me to be me, sober, that was the true journey afterwards. When you get out of rehab, that’s when the real shit starts.”

Way says his Electric Century bandmate helped him identify his substance abuse issue when they got together on 2014’s “I Lied.”

“When we were writing that song, Dave saw what was happening. Drug addicts are notorious liars and at the time, I was a notorious liar about my addiction, that I didn’t have a problem. I was in denial for decades. It was fitting that it was the first song anyone could listen to and that it was released while I was getting admitted into rehab. All of it was this weird cosmic joke—art imitating life imitating art.”

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