Rise Against had their recent video shoot for “The Violence” shut down after they were branded ‘Anti-Government’.

The band explained “The song talks about whether violence is an inevitability of the human condition, or whether its a choice we make, and therefore, can reject.”

“The video would attempt to distill this concept. Our director approached us with the idea of filming in a field full of presidential busts (basically the giant concrete heads of Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington, etc).”

“Our permit to shoot was initially granted, but subsequently pulled by the board of directors who oversee the location. The reason? They decided we were ‘anti-government’.”

“We found this location compelling as the Presidential heads represent power on both sides of the aisle. Rise against has unapologetically spoken truth to power.”

Here is where the band were set to shoot:


Rise Against’ new album Wolves is set to drop June 09.

Listen to ‘The Violence” below.