Broadside have announced their new album, Paradise, which will be released June 16.

They have also dropped a new single and released a video for it. You can watch the video for “Puzzle Pieces” below.


“As I’m getting older and the band progresses, we’re being put into situations where we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience.” Ollie Baxxter (Vocals) explained.

“Do we take advantage of those opportunities or stay true to who we are and express our ideals? Eventually you must ask yourself, at what cost does this come? Do I edit myself or do I speak the harsh reality of the creative industry? Puzzle pieces – it takes one piece to either start or finish an entire piece of art.”

They’ve also released the full track-list for the album and the artwork, see below

1. Hidden Colors
2. Paradise
3. Lose Your Way
4. Disconnect
5. Laps Around A Picture Frame
6. Who Cares
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Summer Stained
9. Miss Imperius
10. Puzzle Pieces
11. I Love You. I Love You. It’s Disgusting