Lil Discourse interviewing Brodie Taylor

Crafted Ink Tattoo studio is located on Auckland’s North Shore, but having never stepped through their doors myself I sought out and interviewed a friend who has received several tattoos from the studio. Read what he had to say below.

How many tattoos have you received from Crafted Ink?
So far I have 7 from them, I’m booked in to get an 8th this Friday.

Why did you first decide to go to Crafted Ink?
I met the owner at work one day and decided to give them a shot and it’s paid off.

Which of Crafted Inks artists have you been tattooed by?
I’ve been tattooed by Chris Brebion, he’s not at Crafted anymore though, and Lauren Smith (Corey Lauren)

Can you describe the Crafted Ink environment?
They have a brilliant shop that is always tidy, well presented and there’s always room even though it’s small. The artists are all safe and the studio is well organised as well with each artist being able to fit and have their own space.

How have you found your experiences with Crafted Ink?
The artists are great to be around, they are all friendly and open to suggestions for any tattoo style or idea. The pricing is reasonable and they quote based on size, colour and time. They’re always up for doing late nights if you’re up for it for bigger pieces.
All of the pieces I’ve gotten from Crafted Ink have healed up brilliantly both colour and black and grey.

What makes you keep going back to Crafted Ink?
I go back for the professionalism, the fun times I have there and how friendly the artists are. No matter what I always leave with a smile and a brilliant tattoo.

Can I see some of your ink from Crafted?
Of course! See photos below

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Do you have any other comments about Crafted Ink?
Well overall I’d say they are of the best shops in Auckland if not New Zealand to go to in terms of getting good ink and having a good time.

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