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I was first introduced to the sound of Polyphia by one of my flatmates, who spoke very highly of their sound and style. I have since listened to all of the bands released tracks and fallen in love with the originality and beauty of Polyphia.
The sound unique, easy on the ears and while there are no lyrics each track still conveys emotion all on its own. Blending a heavy use of lead guitar harmonies and catchy riff writing with jazz, blues and R&B influences, progressive metal instrumental band Polyphia definitely make an impression.

Polyphia are a progressive rock/metal instrumental outfit based in Dallas, TX, USA, formed in 2010, and consisting of guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage, and bassist Clay Gober. Polyphia is known for a melodic and progressive sound, even though they are not as characteristically heavy as many others within the genre.

The band released their first EP, “Inspire” in 2013 followed by a debut studio album, “Muse” in April 2015 with Equal Vision Records. Their second studio album, “Renaissance”, was released in March 2016. In December 2016 they released “Lit”, a remix of their hit song “Light”, the second track on “Renaissance.”

Polyphia first achieved mainstream success when the guitar play-through of “Impassion”, from the EP, “Inspire”, went viral on YouTube. The band continue to grow in global popularity and have shared the stage with other progressive metal giants such as August Burns Red, Between the Buried and Me, and Periphery.

Originally starting out with a heavier, shred-oriented sound they have since matured into a more melodic-focused band. The band states that their influences come from artists of all genres. When describing “Muse”, Timothy Henson said that the primary inspiration comes from pop and rap music as to not draw influence from other artists of their genre and maintain their individuality.

The band is currently writing for a new EP that they will release in 2017, it is said the album will take on a different direction from all previous releases, with guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage taking a lead on the project as both artists and producers.

I highly recommend giving Polyphia a listen even if they’re not normally your genre of choice, I guarantee you will be impressed by the sound.

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